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What you need to know

  • Apple is reopening its retail stores in Australia on May 7th.
  • Twenty-one of the company's twenty-two stores will reopen.
  • Apple Sydney will remain closed for renovations.

After being closed for more than a month due to the pandemic, Apple is planning on reopening almost all of its retail stores in Australia. Reported by 9to5Mac, twenty-one of the company's twenty-two Apple Stores in the country will reopen on May 7, 2020, at 10:00 AM.

The only store to not reopen is Apple Sydney, which has been closed since January for renovations. The remodel is expected to bring the store up to the company's modern design, with the inclusion of a Forum for Today at Apple creative sessions. It is currently unclear when Apple Sydney's grand reopening will occur.

Apple announced the reopenings in the Apple Store app. The announcement included a list of what customers can expect when visiting the stores such as the need for temperature checks and masks to enter the store and that no Today at Apple sessions will be held for the immediate future.

  • Initial focus on service and support
  • Customers encouraged to shop online
  • Walk-in customers may experience delays
  • Customer limits to maintain distancing
  • Reduced opening hours
  • Masks must be worn inside
  • Temperature checks required
  • Display devices cleaned regularly
  • Today at Apple sessions paused

The company also recommends that customers use the Apple Store app as opposed to visiting the store if possible. If they do need to visit the store for service, Apple asks that customers use the Apple Support app to schedule an appointment.

Apple is also reopening its only store in Austria tomorrow, May 5th. Tim Cook announced the reopenings for both countries in an interview last week after the company released their Q2 earnings.