Apple reportedly acquires mapping startup Mapsense

According to a new report, Apple is looking to up its Maps game even further by acquiring map visualization startup Mapsense. From Re/Code:

Apple's steady, stealth campaign to rival Google in maps continues apace. On Friday, the company acquired Mapsense, a San Francisco startup that builds tools for analyzing and visualizing location data, according to multiple sources.

While Apple neither confirmed nor denied the acquisition, the Re/Code mentions that the deal comes in at the tune of 25 to 30 million dollars, according to two of its sources.

As for what Mapsense does, the report goes on to mention that the company has developed a cloud-based tool that allows users to "slice and dice graphical models of maps that hold huge sums of data." It's unknown what Apple may be planning to have the startup's team focus on, but it's likely we'll see new features trickle through to the company's own Maps app thanks to the acquisition.

Source: Re/Code

Dan Thorp-Lancaster