Apple reportedly buying PrimeSense, makers of original Xbox Kinect sensor tech

Apple is reportedly in the final stages of acquiring PrimeSense - the Israeli company whose sensor technology was used by Microsoft to create the original Kinect for Xbox 360 - for roughly $280 million. According to Calcalist (via Google Translate):

The transaction was scheduled to be signed at the beginning of the month but the legal issue surrounding the partnership of developers Bfriimsns delayed the signing. These days the two sides are working on a solution to the last problem, and the contract will be signed as the next few day

Microsoft switched from PrimeSense to their own technology for the Xbox One Kinect sensor. PrimeSense currently offers their own line of 3D sensors including the Kinect-like Carmine, and the embedded reference design, Capri.

The deal is, of course, being linked to long-standing Apple Television rumors, since such a device would presumably require non-touch based direct manipulation and gesture recognition input. However, Apple already makes and markets many currently non-mythical products that might also that benefit from 3D sensors as well.

If this deal proves real, iSight could get a lot smarter in the coming years. How would you like to see Apple make use of it?

Source: Calcalist via SlashGear

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