Apple reportedly inks deal to lease huge campus in Sunnyvale

Apple has reportedly struck a deal to lease planned office space in Sunnyvale, California that, according to its design renders, rivals the design of Apple's own Campus 2, which is still under construction. From Silicon Valley Business Journal:

The iPhone maker has sealed a deal for Landbank Investments LLC's planned Central & Wolfe campus — a curvaceous, 777,000-square-foot project at Central Expressway and Wolfe Road that's expected to look like nothing else ever attempted in Silicon Valley.

According to the proposed design, the building is made up of three connected rings, each with a central courtyard and plenty of green-space throughout. The building will span six stories and encompass 18 acres, with parking spaces tucked underground.

As Silicon Valley Business Journal notes, construction on the building hasn't started yet, and it's unclear whether Apple and Landbank will make changes to the current planned design.

Sources: Silicon Valley Business Journal,

Dan Thorp-Lancaster