Apple will reportedly open its first store in Queens, New York later in 2015

Apple is reportedly constructing its first retail store in the New York City borough of Queens, with plans to open the store sometime later in 2015. The location is reportedly at the Queens Center Mall and will be the largest such mall-based Apple Store in New York.

A few months ago, rumors hit that Apple would open its first store in Brooklyn soon but 9to5Mac now reports those plans have changed. It states:

News of the Brooklyn store first broke out in December with an opening date target of April 2015. Apparently unspecified delays mean that this target will be now be later in the year or even in early 2016. The Brooklyn store, earlier reports said, will be located in Williamsburg in a vintage looking building on Bedford Ave. and North 3rd Street.

The same report also says a new Manhattan-based Apple Store is in the works, to be located on 74th Street and Madison. However, it may not open until late in 2015.

Source: 9to5Mac

John Callaham

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  • Yo, dare's an Apple Store over 'dare, eh?
  • Um, no. Wrong borough. Been watching too much TV.
  • Canadian?
  • Im confused...Arent there apple stores everywhere?
  • Nope. I'm in a city of 253,000+ in Canada and I have an almost 6 hour drive to get to an Apple Store.
  • What about bronx Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes!!! This makes me so happy as the Queens Center Mall is right in my neighborhood!
  • You would think that Apple brick and mortar stores would slow down because you can buy Apple products on every web site and every 3rd party brick and mortar store everywhere. Sent from the iMore App