iPhone 11 ProSource: Joseph Keller / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has picked up a new company to add to its collection.
  • The Israeli firm Camerai was reportedly bought last year.
  • The company specialized in AR and camera tech.

Apple isn't normally one for making a fuss when it buys a new company, but it reportedly kept things particularly quiet when it bought Israeli firm Camerai. According to Calcalist and TechCrunch repors, many of the company's employees have joined Apple's team.

The company apparently had a history developing camera tech including deep learning that is said to have become part of Apple's cameras. We're told that it has also helped with APIs that are designed to make the lives of developers easier, especially when working on AR apps.

Its tech included the ability to detect different objects in the picture, and outline them with precision to alter them cosmetically; the ability to outline and apply filters across the whole image; a "skeleton tracking" neural network API that could detect and draw body joints in real time overlaid on a picture of a human; and its own version of selective focus for enhanced portrait modes…

The fact that Apple hasn't made a song and dance about buying another company shouldn't come as too big of a surprise, but it's always good to see where the company is pulling its talent from. Apple does often buy smaller companies who are working on features that it wants to bring under its wing, often without us knowing it's happened. Siri is a famous example, with Dark Sky being another.