Apple reportedly planning to overhaul Genius Bar and Workshop store appointments

If a new report is correct, people who make Genius Bar and Workshop appointments for their local Apple retail store will see some changes starting on Tuesday, August 25. That's when the company reportedly plans to move those online appointments pages from their separate "Concierge" site into individual Apple Store pages

According to 9to5Mac:

The new updated web-based service has also been re-written with a focus on accessibility and mobile devices. "Customers with visual or hearing impairments can more easily use the Concierge system," Apple wrote in a note to retail employees about the upcoming change. As for mobile optimization, the new system will have a unique appearance depending on if it is being used on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet, much like the upgraded

In addition, Workshop appointment services will get some additional changes and improvements:

According to sources, the now-complex array of scheduling options will be simplified into three categories of workshops: Discover, Create, and Organize. This should make it a bit easier for customers to find and schedule workshops for topics that pertain to them. Lastly, the updated website will have deep social integration for sharing Workshops via Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, QQ, and email.

Source: 9to5Mac

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