Apple reportedly in talks to acquire Primesense, company behind the original Kinect sensor

Apple is reportedly in talks to acquire Primesense, an Israeli company perhaps best known for their work on the original Xbox Kinect sensor alongside Microsoft. The tabled figure from Cupertino is a cool $280 million, and follows the visit of Apple representatives interested in using the company's technology. Israeli newspaper, Calcalist (translated):

The negotiations between the companies is indeed early stages, but Apple at the highest levels considering the company's technology and its adaptation to future Apple products.

The translation on the article is a little sketchy, but it basically outlines how a delegation of Apple engineers visited the company earlier on this month, and that such visits are uncommon. The $280 million it goes on to say isn't a necessarily high value for a company that has just gained $85 million in funding, but that it would still represent a decent profit to those early investors.

Quite why Apple would be interested in acquiring a company with reputable 3D scanning technologies is enough in itself to set the rumor mills grinding. What do you think such an acquisition would be aimed towards? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Calcalist via The Verge

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