Apple has had a presence in Sunnyvale for some time, renting out 215,000 square feet of office space there in 2012. For the last year or so, however, a number of auto-related renovations have been made to the campus, possibly pointing to Apple's 'Titan' project. AppleInsider:

It is unclear if this secondary campus is ground zero for "Titan." But AppleInsider can confirm that Apple does indeed have a large presence at the location, and that numerous automotive-related renovations, including an "auto work area" and a "repair garage," have been constructed on the premises.

Apple's lawyers work out of Sunnyvale, and more and more groups are moving there as the company continues to grow beyond its Cupertino facilities. It's why Apple is building their massive Campus 2, and why they'll likely keep needing more and more space.

Does it really matter that Apple's Titan project is based in Sunnyvale as opposed to Cupertino or somewhere else? Or is what they're working on likely more interesting than where?