Apple launching something big to coincide with 10th retail anniversary?

BGR's tipsters are telling them that Apple might be launching something big on May 19 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Apple Retail Stores.

  • During the overnight shift, it's going to be required that employees lock cell phones in the main office. They will also have to sign an NDA with Apple.
  • Apple stores have apparently already received hardware to install, and are expecting more hardware to come on Friday or Saturday. All materials that Apple stores have received have been instructed to be under lock and key until after close on Saturday night.
  • Apple employees will be putting up black curtains at all stores so that people walking outside cannot see inside.

We've heard previously that Apple was restricting employee leave for this event. So what could this be? It's too soon for an iPhone or iPod touch, much less another iPad, and Apple just refreshed both MacBook Pros and iMacs. A new Mac Pro? Something totally new?

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