Apple Retail Stores: Buh-Bye WindowsCE, Hello iPod touch!

Looks like the rumors were true and Apple is finally set to replace the aging, WindowsCE + stylus based EasyPay point-of-sale devices used by the retail store staff with sexy new credit card reading, barcode scanning iPod touches. Apple will be using the same accessory access APIs supplied to developers in the iPhone 3.0 SDK.

AppleInsider reports that a trial is now being run at the closest Apple Store to the Cupertino Headquarters, the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, but hopefully the rest of Apple Retail will be able to enjoy the cool new gadgets sometime in the near future as well.

IFOAppleStore confirms the switch to iPod touch EasyPay, and adds that Apple will also be ditching the color-coded shirts used to distinguish different types of staff. (Not because Microsoft iCloned them but because they were ultimately more confusing than helpful to customers).

[Small print: The above video is of Apple Store staff cheering for a new store opening, not for their new iPod touch EasyPay systems]

Rene Ritchie

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