Apple is reportedly in talks with the National Football League over streaming rights for the three games planned for London during the next football season. Google is also said to be in negotiations for those rights. The NFL broadcast a game in London in 2015 as well, with Yahoo providing the livestream.

From Reuters:

Last year, the NFL partnered with Yahoo Inc (YHOO.O) to live-stream a London game, the first time a technology company has streamed a game for free to viewers. Live-streaming is becoming increasingly popular as more consumers cancel their cable subscriptions, a practice known as cord-cutting. Winning a partnership with the NFL to live-stream one or all three games would be a big victory for a technology company.

It's currently unclear whether the rights up for negotiation would be for all three games as a package, or each one individually. The NFL seems to have dubbed last year's London stream a success. About 15.2 million people tuned into that game with an average of 2.36 million viewers watching concurrently at any given time.

Source: Reuters