Apple seeds iOS 8.4 beta to developers, includes revamped Music app

The biggest new feature appears to be a revamped Music app that includes a streamlined version of iTunes Radio. It comes amid rumors that Apple is set to debut a new music streaming service sometime around WWDC 2015 this June.

The developer release of the iOS 8.4 beta comes just under a week after Apple released iOS 8.3 to the public, so the company appears to be intent on keeping up momentum through the spring.

While today's beta release is developer-only, iOS 8.3 went through a period of invite-only public beta testing, so it's possible that iOS 8.4 may do the same.

  • Come on I want to try it.
  • You can try and join the Public Beta program, which should see an 8.4 beta sometime before it goes far, not this one....
  • I already did just still waiting for the invite. ;-)
  • So, you're not going to tell us *how* it's redesigned or what's different? What's the point of this post at all then? Interestingly, if I add this third sentence, my "comment" is now as long as your "article."
  • Agree, here is a link to 9-5. They have the info we all want....
  • Unfortunately, we're treading lightly around NDAs here. This serves as more of an announcement post that iOS 8.4 is officially in beta.
  • Thanks, I forgot about the NDA as pretty much every other tech site has chosen to ignore it this morning. My apologies. Still, even though I understand that a lot of the articles here are more or less just adverts or intended only to provide fodder for the comments threads, I think it's reasonable to balk at an article that is literally two or three sentences. It is a bit tiresome for iMore to run a half dozen "articles" on the same topic that are just a couple of sentences, when a single article with some actual content is what most readers actually are looking for. It's really quite a shameless practice. I understand now that this article (because of the NDA situation) *isn't* that, but I wanted to explain the source of my frustration.
  • Gazoobee, there isn't much more that can be said about software updates that are in beta-only. Apple has strict policies that developers must agree to that outline what information (usually no information) can be publicly shared by them. Unless Apple releases an official press statement, it is considered to be confidential. I'm not an iOS dev so I still appreciate this article because I can expect something coming through the pipeline of the iOS Public Beta testing. If you are looking for in depth information on iOS 8.4, I would consider paying for the annual iOS Developer membership and you could have access to release notes. That's $99 per year; otherwise you can be content with just knowing that there is something new, and it will be a pleasant surprise! Hopefully this helps to ease your frustrations. You may be able to find more release notes on a website that isn't in compliance with Apple's developer policies.
  • You sure do complain a lot. If you're that unhappy with iMore, why don't you spend less time here?
  • Agreed. Every comment made by Gaz is usually a complaint by
  • True dat. Sent from the iMore App
  • Maybe, but the 'zoobs is often thought provoking, sometimes educational, and always entertaining!
  • I can't wait for the Public Beta to be released.
  • All I want is "Clear Cache" option!!!
  • Although Rene cannot violate his NDA as a developer, AppleInsider regularly divulges this kind of information and I noticed they have a story on this very thing. Don't spend too much time there though... The trolling is getting pretty bad over there.
  • I quit AppleInsider a year or so ago because of their cadre of bigots and assorted racists that comment on everything and gang up on people in the forums and comments. It's a real, old-fashioned, hard-core, Pro-USA, "old white folks are always right about everything," kind of place. There are regular "bullies" that have patrolled the forum for years there. I did check out the pictures there and on 9to5Mac as well, but I wouldn't wade into their comments threads for all the money in the world now.
  • Does it really matter about the disque comments which practically everyone knows is infected with trolls and spammers, especially on Apple / iOS articles. Just go to the site if you wish to see the resigned music application or any site other than Apple Insider. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'm always having a hard time hitting the letter when browsing by artist. Hopefully they make that alphabet picker area bigger.
  • Looks like some great new features! Sent from the iMore App
  • As this is the first beta, I think that is why it is Dev only. I think 8.3 did the following seed 1: Developers Only
    seed 2: Developers + AppleSeed Testers
    seed 3: Developers, AppleSeed Testers + Public Beta It's wise. You don't want the first build of a beta going to people who, while warned that it is beta software, are going to install it on an unbacked up iPhone they use for daily use, brink it potentially, and complain.
  • I just hope that they are fixing up their Podcast app. That has a few bugs that really are annoying and I come across them every day. For example, if I listen to a podcast on my computer that is also synced to my iPhone the next time my iPhone is synced the episode is deleted but remains marked as unplayed. So I have to go and delete it manually.
  • Yeah, I ended up not syncing podcasts to my iPad or Mac or Apple TV. They state sync sucks across devices. Sent from the iMore App
  • One thing I'm hoping for is a convenient way to toggle between all music and music downloaded on my device. Neither the current Music app nor Beats has the toggle in a convenient location and as someone who drives a lot and doesn't want to burn data by streaming music, I'd appreciate a simple and convenient way to access only the music on my device.
  • All I want in the stock iOS Music app is the ability to swipe to change songs and tap to play/pause. I mean honestly why has this not happened yet. Especially when I am driving (my iPhone rests on a car stand just an FYI) I hate having to always find the tiny arrow in the music app to skip or go back a song. A simple gesture to swipe over the track or tap the artwork to pause is already present in other music apps on the App Store, so I think its about time IOS stock music app hopefully one day gets it. Maybe iOS9 :/
  • So the release of the final version will be in June when most of us will (hopefully) get their ordered Apple Watch?
  • The iTunes Radio layout looks like Spotify... Good design anyway Sent from the iMore App
  • It's sad that almost every Apple site I go to, I see Gazoobee being a complete and utter jerk.
  • What he posted is not jerk'ish. It's stupid to post something saying "X has been redesigned in Y Beta" and then basically expect your users to Google to go to another site to read an article with way more relevant information. It is clickbait that really doesn't inform to an appreciable level. I thought the same thing when I first seen this in my feed. But hey, continue with the group think. Thanks to jhpx123 for the link. Much appreciated.
  • I actually use the equaliser settings. I'd like to be able to change those in the music app instead of having to go to settings, seems a bit obvious. I'd also like a different colour other than the pink. Sent from the iMore App
  • Dark interface, please.
  • another way to jb ios 8.3 & 8.4