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What you need to know

  • Apple is seeking relief from U.S. tariffs on 11 of its products.
  • The 15% tariffs took effect on several of its Chinese-made products from September 1.
  • Products affected include HomePod, iMacs, iPhone repair parts and more.

News over the weekend has revealed that Apple has filed requests to have several of its products exempted from U.S. tariffs on goods made in China.

Reuters reports that Apple has asked the U.S. Trade Representative's Office to exempt 11 of its products from the 15% rate, which took effect on September 1. According to the report:

The company on Thursday sought tariff exclusions from 11 products, including HomePod speakers, iMac computers, parts for use in repairing iPhones, iPhone smart battery cases, AirPods, and others. The public has until Nov. 14 to submit comments on the requests.

Apple told the U.S. Trade Representative's Office the products were consumer electronic devices and "not strategically important or related to 'Made in China 2025' or other Chinese industrial programs."

The requests were submitted on the first day the Trump administration would accept them. FitBit Inc has also requested that the U.S. waive tariffs on its products. Tim Cook briefly mentioned tariffs in Apple's earnings call last week saying:

We're paying some tariffs today, as you know, some that went into effect pre-September and some others that went into effect in September. So we are paying some.

According to the report, products affected include HomePod speakers, iMac, iPhone repair parts, iPhone smart battery cases, and AirPods. The most recent news surrounding tariffs had suggested that trade talks may have been progressing somewhat and that further tariff hikes may be delayed. Apple has not commented on the story and there is no indication yet as to how and when the U.S. Trade Representatives Office will respond.