Apple sending legal threats to ultra-realistic Steve Jobs action figure maker

It didn't take long, but according to The Telegraph, Apple has sicked their lawyers on In Icon, the company behind the life-like Steve Jobs action figure we reported on earlier this week.

But 'their efforts have reportedly met with' a legal challenge with Apple allegedly threatening to sue the toy maker unless they cease trading. The legal wrangle is over the likeness of the doll to the late Apple founder, the rights of which the company claims it owns.

This wouldn't be the first time Apple put a stop to unapproved production of related goods. Late last year, M.I.C Gadget in Hong Kong put out a similar molded figurine of Steve Jobs, which was subsequently halted at the behest of Apple.

If you were planning on getting one of these ultra-realistic action figures from In Icon, you better hurry quick before it's no longer available.

Source: The Telegraph

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