Apple shares the humorous opening bit from WWDC

If you tuned in to Apple's WWDC keynote earlier this week, you got a peek at what could have been a fantastic opening number for the conference. Starring Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader, with appearances by Community's Danny Pudi and Veep's Matt Walsh, the "behind-the-scenes look " shows that things ultimately didn't go quite as planned. Now you can check it out again, as Apple has uploaded the video to YouTube.

But seriously, this was a humorous way to kick off the conference, and it's definitely worth checking out if you missed out on the keynote live stream. With references to Angry Birds, Tinder, Goat Simulator, and even a gang of Tim Cook lookalikes, the video pokes a little bit of fun at everybody.

Source: Apple (YouTube)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
  • This was easily the most joking Apple event in a long time. They haven't been this free spirited since Jobs had a literal funeral for OS9 on stage. I mean, seriously, the opening sequence, the whole 'this is how we named El Capitan' bit, "and the Spotlight window is now resizable. Now that's innovation!" wait, that last one might not have been a joke. Hard to tell. He seemed serious about the attack of the Godzilla cursor...
  • I thought the film was excellent. High production quality, funny and really well thought through. I'd love to know the viewing figures. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think it's also a jab to competitors who often have way over the top presentation events. That tend to go wrong as often, at least from the interpretation part in social media. I have always liked the focus that Apple has on it's keynotes. And the (mostly) subtle humour. Apple events just feel much more intelligent than others'.
  • I too took the opening as a parody of the competition.
  • "A bottle of water and a laptop."
    Anyone catch the reference?
    How about the lighting of the logo flickering with monolithic screen and the color...? Am I the only genius in the room? "whoever walks out there better have something pretty incredible to say?
  • Funny how the entire left-wing, liberal arts bunch now is completely engulfed in and overwhelmingly in love with the largest corporation in capitalist America! What a hypocrisy! Can't really go out and protest about the top 1% when you're up to your ass in love with Apple now can you?
  • Your comment is helpful and not at all trolling. You also know your audience well. We're all rallying to your side and everything you said in your comment was amazing and well thought out. Thank you.
  • Well done Sir. Sent from the iMore App
  • If something is Big doesn't automatically mean it is evil and should be fought. Sure it's a business and (like the smallest boutiques in the world) is in it to make money. Everybody gets that. But I think we just applaud the Big Corporation that is the closes to being good. And the thing is, only a large corporation can do some things. Can produce some kind of products that would never be possible to do by little ones. And can do something good for the envoronment as well, as it's impact is really noticeable if it puts its mind to it.
  • I'd like to know what the cameo's are that are supposed to be in there. Anybody? Maybe they are blobvious for Americans, but for Europeans probably not so much.....
  • Ironic they posted it on, (Google OWNED), YouTube.
    This way the Google is evil brigade will surely condone the move?