Apple highlights the perfect gifts for everyone this holiday season

Apple has published a new website to provide some helpful pointers as to what you can purchase for friends and family this holiday season. The company highlights numerous products under gaming, photography, music, fitness, learning, and travel. While Apple's own products are included in the feature, there are a handful of third-party listings included for good measure.

So whether you're set to purchase an iPhone 6s Plus for someone special, or have an idea to load an Apple Music giftcard alongside Beats headphones for a music lover, Apple has some interesting listings available to really get the cogs turning. Take the learning category for example, which not only highlights the iPad, but also the Sphero SPRK for ultimate exploration.

There's also an added bonus when ordering through Apple. The company can even wrap everything up for you with its signature gift wrapping. No longer will you have to compete against that pesky roll of tape.

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Rich Edmonds