Apple snapped up Tim Dashwood and his Final Cut Pro X plugins for VR, 3D just went free!

Apple has reportedly hired Tim Dashwood, the Toronto, Canada-based founder of Dashwood Cinema Solutions, co-founder of Stereo3D Unlimited, and creator of numerous 3D and VR editing plugins for Final Cut Pro X.


Two bits of good news. 3D and VR plugin developer Tim Dashwood has joined Apple. Not only is that good news for FCPX users, he has also made his existing plugin products free.We would imagine FxFactory's servers have been red hot since the news crept out that long-time plugin developer Tim Dashwood has joined Apple.

They theorize this could lead to 3D and VR editing capabilities being baked into Final Cut Pro X, or into macOS or iOS directly.

More interesting possibilities include Apple's ongoing augmented reality and computer vision projects, where working in 3D and using VR-like technologies will certainly play a role.

Whatever he ends up working on at Apple, here's wishing Dashwood the best of luck and success in his new endeavors.

Now, FCPX users, go download all that great free software!

Rene Ritchie

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