Apple has now sold over 160 million iOS devices

With Q1 2011 sales reported at 16.24 million iPhones, 7.33 million iPads, 9.75 million iPod touches (50% of total iPod sales), Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer and COO Tim Cook revealed that over 160 million iOS devices have now been sold.

Apple previously announced 120 million iOS devices back on September 1 at their annual special music event, so this represents 40 million additional sales since then.

No Apple TV numbers were broken out but Apple had just previously announced 1 million is sales for their most recent iOS device. Doing the math, 14.79 million iPads have been sold to date. Of the remaining 144.21 million iOS devices, based on historic ratios, there could very well be 50 million odd iPod touches on the market.

Any way you slice it, whether old devices have been handed down or even fallen out of service, that's one heck of an install base.

Any bets on when they crack 200 million?

Rene Ritchie

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