The Apple Store goes down, comes back up loaded for Fathers Day

During the night, when a lot of you were sleeping, the Apple Store went down. Sadly, there's no new goodies to report, but when it came back up it's loaded and ready to go for Apple's Fathers Day promo. With Fathers Day coming up, what better way to show your appreciation than with something from Apple.

We're not just talking iPads and iPods, Apple has dedicated a whole section of the storefront to all those add-ons and accessories that Dad might enjoy using with his Apple devices. Be that a Nike Fuelband, a Bluetooth remote control Porsche, or even a GoPro Hero 3, there's bound to be something in there that would make your old Dad smile.

So, to all the Dads out there; what would your dream Fathers Day gift from the Apple Store be? Once you've shared with us, time to get dropping those hints to your kids!

Source: Apple Store

Richard Devine

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