Apple Store Notes: Time to Buy in the US: 15mn. Outside the US: ∞

Rene already mentioned that Apple stores are also in on the 8am sharp sell time, but we have a few more of the nitty-gritty deets direct from Apple's Retail Chief Ron Johnson by way of an interview with Bloomberg [via]. Here's the news:

  • Activation time should take "12 to 15 minutes" but Apple is happy to spend as long as necessary with each customer.
  • Johnson expect each store to be able to process about 100 customers an hour

Good news all around, right? Well, perhaps the good news isn't so much "all around" as it is "Just in the United States," as iLounge is reporting that Apple stores outside the US won't be selling the iPhone 3G because they're not all going to be set up with each international carrier's different activation process.

Dieter Bohn