Apple Store Robina Coronavirus ReopeningSource: @Carly_Madsen

What you need to know

  • Apple Stores across Australia are now open again.
  • They've been closed for weeks due to coronavirus.
  • All stores require customers wear masks and undergo temperature checks.

Apple stores across Australia are now open once more, with just one remaining closed. Those that are open are allowing a limited number of people into the store at once to ensure social distancing is still observed.

Face masks were the order of the day as Twitter lit up with people sharing photos and videos of Australian Apple Stores opening for the first time in weeks. Stores are also using non-contact thermometers to check the temperature of people before they enter to ensure they aren't carrying coronavirus.

Australia joins Greater China, Austria, and South Korea in having its Apple Stores back up and running with Apple feeling that those countries have the virus under control sufficiently to be able to run a retail business without putting customers and team members at undue risk. It's likely to be some time before the same can be said about other large Apple markets like the United States and UK.