Steve Jobs: Architect of the iPhone

We all know Steve Jobs sculpted the iPhone from unicorn tears through a sheer act of singular will and hutzpah -- along with buying FingerWorks and winning a glove-full of multi-touch patents of their own along the way (which may or may not still result in several rounds of pugilism with Palm's Pre).

But who knew they might not have done enough? Elan Microelectronics of Taiwan, that's who. Elan claims the iPhone, iPod touch, and Macbooks -- basically everything featuring multi-touch functionality -- is in violation of their patents, and they've filed suit in Apple's home turf of San Francisco to prove it. (No word yet of litigation friendly Texas will sue over not being the venue of choice...)

A previous lawsuit from Elan against a company called Synaptics, who counter-sued resulted in a dismissal and cross-licensing agreement. This time? We're calling Apple wins by (frenzied) tap-out due to guillotine choke near the end of the second round.

Anyone got the popcorn, hot dogs, and spicy drink?

[NY Times via iLounge]