Apple summer camp program to get kids to make movies

Apple has just kicked off a free summer camp program where kids 8 - 12 get to make a movie with the help of Apple Store staff. The three-day program includes creating a soundtrack on GarageBand on an iPad, editing footage on iMovie for Mac, and a final showcase event for friends and family. The Apple Camps have all the tools needed, but they encourage attendees to bring their own Mac and Camera so they can get comfortable with their own devices. One would expect that iPhones would be pushed for shooting the video, but since footage is taken between days one and two, it's not surprising that Apple isn't interested in dishing out loaner units to young'uns.

This is a great little program for giving kids something fun and productive to do now that school's out. Of course, Apple has a vested interest in getting 'em hooked while they're young, and this is a great way to do it. Parents that are interested in signing up their children for the program can find more information at Apple over here. For those of you that would rather skip the whole Apple Store rigamarole and try something like this yourselves, you might want to check out our iMovie for iPad review.

Simon Sage

Editor-at-very-large at Mobile Nations, gamer, giant.