Apple supplier found to be in violation of several hiring and safety standards

Another Apple supplier has been found to be in violation of Chinese labor laws, as well as standards set out by Apple and other companies. Catcher Technology's factory in Suqian, China, has been found to have discrimanatory hiring practices, substandard worker safety training, and little protection against toxic chemicals, among other violations. It seems that little action has been taken to get them to conform to the standards of Apple and other suppliers.

According to Green America:

Unfortunately, after the inspections are complete and the corrective action plans are handed down to factories from Apple, there are often no fundamental improvements in labor conditions and treatment of workers making Apple products. This report documents the lack of progress in a factory manufacturing components for Apple products, despite clear evidence of persistent violations of Chinese law and the Codes of Conduct of both Apple and its suppliers.

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Source: Green America

Joseph Keller

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