Apple supplier Pegatron responds to BBC labor report, says it is inspecting negative claims

Tim Cook at Foxconn
Tim Cook at Foxconn (Image credit: Apple)

Apple recently responded to a BBC report on working conditions in factories that produce its products, and now it looks like the manufacturer in question, Pegatron, has something to say as well. In its response, Pegatron says that it will be looking into the negative claims made in the BBC piece.

According to a report by Digitimes:

In a statement filed on December 22 with the Taiwan Stock Exchange where the company is traded, Pegatron said it will inspect all the negative claims carried in the report and will start implementing improvements to ensure the problems are solved.

Additionally, Pegatron claims it regularly checks its factories to see where it can make improvements:

The company noted that it has established a high standard for and provided strict training to both its management and workers, and external inspectors also regularly check on its facilities to see if there is room for improvements.

The responses from both Apple and Pegatron come in the wake of allegations that factory workers fell asleep during long shifts and were forced to work many days in a row without time off.

Source: Digitimes

Dan Thorp-Lancaster