Apple's Bud Tribble, a long-time, foundational employ who now works on the company's privacy architecture, will be taking their message to the U.S. legislature.

From Axios

Tribble, a longtime Apple employee who leads the company's privacy engineering work, will "convey Apple's support for comprehensive federal privacy legislation that reflects Apple's long-held view that privacy is a fundamental human right" during a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Wednesday.

"We want your device to know everything about you; we don't feel that we should," he'll say. "These concepts have guided our design process for years because privacy is a core value at Apple, not an obligation or an aftermarket add-on."

Love Apple products or hate them, from Tim Cook down, the company's stance on privacy is unimpeachable. Good on Apple for not just making a ton of money and gaining a ton of influence, but for using both those things to fight for what's right.

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How successful Apple will be in a climate where the government wants backdoors into our data and customers have proven willing, even eager, to mortgage their more private, personal information for a few free services, we'll have to wait and see.

I like to think, post-Cambridge Analytica and recent investigations into Google, the tide is changing.

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