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Apple textbook project rumored to be called Bliss, inspired by Al Gore's Our Choice

AppleInsider is rumoring that Apple's education event will include a textbook initiative codenamed "Bliss", nspired, at least in part, by current Apple board member and past Vice President of United States, Al Gore's Our Choice ebook app.

The person who contacted AppleInsider indicated that Apple's Internet software chief, Eddy Cue, is responsible for the distribution side of the new e-textbook initiative. But Rosner is said to be in charge of development of the editor used to create digital textbooks, as well as the reading software that will allow students and teachers to view the files. The person said the internal code-name for the project is "Bliss," and said the software will allow publishers to make textbooks more interactive.

Gore's "Our Choice" ebook app was built by Push Pop Press, which was subsequently bought out by Facebook. If true, the combination of iTunes/App Store/iCloud head Eddy Cue on the content delivery side, and iWork shepherd Roger Rosner on the content creation and consumption side could be powerful.

We'll find out tomorrow. In the meantime, check out a video of Our Choice, and then hit the link below for all the details.

Source: AppleInsider

Rene Ritchie

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  • Oh good, another way for the major textbook publishers to prevent college students from selling or buying used books.
  • Its like you read my mind man.... but you also have to think that now the prices of our textbooks may be drastically reduced. i wouldn't hold my breath though..
  • The prices may be shortened in the short run. However, once ebooks become the standard, they will just go back and hike up the prices.
  • I just don't see this working until it is an open standard(every device can access it, like the kindle).
    If they try to lock this in to only iPad/Mac there is just no way that colleges will adopt it, not everyone has one of the two and you can't expect everyone to go out and buy it just because the textbooks are there.
    I hope this is more like Garageband where it is just a creation tool, the final product can be consumed on any machine.
  • Can we get an Apple story without the word RUMOR in it.
    No more gossip.
  • Yes, you can go to Otherwise, you're free to enjoy the stories you like and skip the rest. While there are always a lot of rumors before an Apple event, there's also a lot of other stuff. And that's no rumor :p
  • Yeah, f--- Al Gore. Damned uncharismatic smart man who actually won the popular vote for President of the United States only to lose the office when a Supreme Court partially appointed by his opponent's father refused to allow a recount to continue in a disputed election in a state ruled by his opponent's brother. Yeah, f--- that guy.