Apple time-based location tracking a bug, will be fixed?

One of John Gruber's little birdies has informed him that the part of consolidated.db, the database that stores iOS device location data and syncs it to iTunes, that keeps a record of those locations is actually a bug.

consolidated.db acts as a cache for location data, and that historical data should be getting culled but isn’t, either due to a bug or, more likely, an oversight. I.e. someone wrote the code to cache location data but never wrote code to cull non-recent entries from the cache, so that a database that’s meant to serve as a cache of your recent location data is instead a persistent log of your location history. I’d wager this gets fixed in the next iOS update.

Let's hope so.

Are we putting away the torches and pitchforks now?

[Daring Fireball]


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