Apple to announce new digital textbook format tomorrow?

Apple is hosting an event in New York tomorrow, and if the chalkboard logo is any indication,  we'll be seeing some new content for educators. New reports suggest the big angle here will be interactive textbooks delivered on iPad through a new file format and publishing system curated by Apple. On top of cutting the hassle of lugging around a bunch of print volumes, digital textbooks would be more engaging, and publishers would be able to update their products as necessary.

iPads in the classroom has been a common image in many Apple ads, and more than a couple of schools have bought  in to the idea. Programs like iBooks and iTunes U are already in place to support a new digital textbook standard, but the real question is, will schools be willing to cough up $500/student for iPads? Will Apple be willing to subsidize the cost, just so they can hook 'em while they're young?

I guess we'll find out tomorrow - stick around for our coverage of the event!

Source: Bloomberg

Simon Sage

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