Apple Store

Apple has won the right to register the layout of its iconic retail stores as a trademark in Europe, thanks to the EU court of justice overruling a German verdict saying otherwise. The company has already trademarked its store designs in the U.S. From the signature wooden tables holding up its products to the glass front with the massive branding signage, Apple has made it an experience beyond purchasing physical products.

Germany chose to reject the filing, admitting while it's an essential aspect of Apple's business it does not fulfil the criteria for a trademark, which the highest EU court disagreed with. As lightly touched on above, the stores not only provide the means for Apple to sell its products to consumers, it's also the base of operations when it comes to services and representation of the brand itself.

What are your thoughts on the trademark ruling? Do you enjoy spending time in the stores?

Source: EU court of justice, via: Engadget; image credit: Wikipeia