Apple able to trademark retail store layout across Europe, says EU court

Apple has won the right to register the layout of its iconic retail stores as a trademark in Europe, thanks to the EU court of justice overruling a German verdict saying otherwise. The company has already trademarked its store designs in the U.S. From the signature wooden tables holding up its products to the glass front with the massive branding signage, Apple has made it an experience beyond purchasing physical products.

Germany chose to reject the filing, admitting while it's an essential aspect of Apple's business it does not fulfil the criteria for a trademark, which the highest EU court disagreed with. As lightly touched on above, the stores not only provide the means for Apple to sell its products to consumers, it's also the base of operations when it comes to services and representation of the brand itself.

What are your thoughts on the trademark ruling? Do you enjoy spending time in the stores?

Source: EU court of justice, via: Engadget; image credit: Wikipeia

  • No, the note doesn't say that, Engadget say that
  • If there is something unique with your layout, like that your tables are made with some super patented polymer, or unique artwork, that I can understand. But HOW is this trademark-able, unique? Been to other tech stores that have their phones laid out, tho not necessarily with iPads near each gadget explaining it. Sent from the iMore App
  • "Apple has made it an experience beyond purchasing physical products" - No, Apple fans made it an experience beyond purchasing physical products. I'm not a fan, just a customer, and I see those stores as they are, just stores. Every store is different, but in reality they all look the same, including Apple stores.
  • I think it's absolutely stupid. Trademarking table and chair layout in a room... What's next? I'm thinking we should trademark how the pleats in our trousers line up. And I agree with Carioca - an Apple store is entirely about the purchase and support of physical products. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding: My Supermarket often provides free samples and will help carry my bags so... they are providing an experience beyond purchasing physical products?
  • I completely agree with the trademark. If you took away the apple logos & asked someone to name what store they were looking at, they would immediately know it was an apple store. NOT by the fact theres macbooks/ipads on every table, but purely on the design & layout of the store. Its what makes a brand!