Need a case for your Siri Remote and hate typing on the Apple TV? The iPazzPort Apple TV Remote Case is the perfect solution.

Your Apple TV is your gateway to entertainment bliss, but I'd be lying if I said that tvOS is perfect. Just like any software, tvOS continues to get better over time, but there are still annoyances that can drive some people crazy.

Typing on Apple TV

Typing anything into the Apple TV using the Siri Remote is a little clunky. The touchpad can be finicky to maneuver, and typically the layout of the on-screen keyboard is less than ideal.

Of course, when Apple launched the Siri Remote and adding the ability to type via voice, they tried to alleviate that problem; however, voice-to-text isn't perfect either. I can't even count the number of times I have tried to search for something on YouTube with Siri only to have the Apple TV type something completely different than I said. Plus, not to mention that whenever I have to type in a password for an app or my Apple ID, I'm not exactly keen to speak it out loud when people are around.

Fragile Siri Remote

While the Siri Remote has a bunch of great features — like a touchpad and motion controls — the entire front is made out of glass, which means it could break. If you're worried about damaging your Siri Remote a case is a logical choice to ensure you protect the remote. Plus, strapping your Siri Remote into a case also makes it bigger and less easy to lose in the couch cushions — speaking from experience on that one.

The good news is there is a neat solution to both these issues

iPazzPort Apple TV Remote Case

The iPazzPort Apple TV Remote Case is the perfect way to prevent you from having these common issues with your Apple TV.

On the back of the case sits a Bluetooth mini keyboard that has a full QWERTY layout, meaning you don't have to use the touchpad or Siri to type in your important information or search for your favorite show. Now you don't ever have to worry about speaking your Apple ID into your Siri Remote and having someone overhear your password.

The case is only about $20, and it will even make the Siri Remote feel better in your hand and slightly larger, meaning you shouldn't have as much trouble keeping it someplace safe.

Looking for other cases?

Don't want a keyboard, but love the idea of a Siri Remote case, check out our great list of options for the Siri Remote.

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