A source told BGR that Apple has changed the screening process they utilize to determine if an iPod has been damage due to water intrusion. Apple utilizes what is known as Liquid Contact Indicators in their mobile devices. In the event moisture comes into contact with these LCIs they become activated which will in turn let an Apple representative know that there was been water damage.

In the past Apple store employees would merely look inside the headphone jack and check on the LCI to see if it had been activated by water. At that point they were able to say the water was the cause of the issues and you would basically be out of luck. Now with the new policy not only will they check for the LCI but they are also being told to check for other signs of water damage before making a decision on what could have caused the device to malfunction.

Whether or not this change is due to false positives from incidental moisture contact or simply a change of heart within Apple is unknow. However, this could definately been a huge plus for the consumers who have had issues prior and were told that merely having an activated LCI that their warranty was null and void.

Our question is, will Apple apply the same new policy to iPhones and iPads?

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