Apple uses 'Strength' TV ad to focus on wearables and fitness apps

If you were tuned into the Stanley Cup finals you may have caught the new ad Apple is running. Dubbed 'Strength' and set aside the Robert Preston's song 'Chicken Fat', the ad focuses on wearables and fitness apps available to use on iOS by showing folks using a number of them throughout the video.

From running with Nike+, to weighing yourself using a WiThings scale, to using the Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor, Apple hit a lot of areas and ways iOS can help you be fit. It didn't make me want to put down the big ol' bag of potato chips I was eating but that's just me.

With Apple's very own HealthKit now announced, I'm sure this won't be the last commercial we see using wearables and fitness trackers either but in the meantime, you can check out the full commercial above.

Chris Parsons

Editor-at-Large at Mobile Nations, gadget junkie, energy drinker, ranter.