Today at Apple's 2018 keynote event in Cupertino, CA, the company announced the newest iteration of the Apple Watch, marking the fourth series of the famous wearable. Of course, along with the new Watch came a plethora of cool new bands to choose from that are tailor made for the Series 4's larger sizes and new, optimized faces.

Wait, there are new Watch sizes?

Yes indeed. The Series 4 Apple Watch comes in 40mm and 44mm instead of the previous 38mm and 42mm, making the new displays over 30% larger.

Will my old Apple Watch bands still fit my new Series 4 Watch, though?

If you already have a collection of bands you love and can't live without, don't worry — you won't need to get rid of them any time soon. All previously-released Apple Watch bands will still fit your shiny new device, so if you don't feel like springing for a new one just yet, you don't have to.

So what are the new bands already?!

Fall 2018 Sport Bands

Fall 2018 Sport Loop Bands

Fall 2018 Leather Bands

Fall 2018 Apple Watch Nike+ Bands

The new Nike+ Apple Watch collection features redesigned Nike watch faces optimized for Series 4, which match to the band colors.

Fall 2018 Apple Watch Hermès Bands

For the fancier among us, Apple Watch Hermès has introduced a refined collection of exclusive, color-shifting watch faces and color-blocked bands to match.

Fall 2018 Milanese Bands

Thankfully, there's now a gold Milanese Loop band option, allowing you to coordinate flawlessly with your new Series 4.


Are you springing for the Series 4 Apple Watch? Are you getting a new band, as well? Which are your favorites? Share in the comments below!

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