Since its launch, the Apple Watch has become the number one selling smart watch on the market. To keep the product fresh, Apple announced another line of bands for Apple Watch, plus an update to its software system. Before you connect your wrist worn device to its charger and download the update, we've got answers to all of your questions.

New bands? What new look do I get?

Apple has added a new line of bands to its collection. The Woven Nylon band comes in seven different colors. It is available for only $49.

Woven Nylon bands for Apple Watch

The Sport band now comes in 22 different colors and still costs just $49.

Sport Apple Watch bands

The Classic Buckle is now available in nine different colors and still costs $149.

The Modern Buckle comes in seven different colors and costs $249.

Leather bands for Apple Watch

The Leather Loop comes in six different colors and costs $149.

The Milanese Loop band now comes in Space Black and costs $199.

Any questions?

Is there anything specific that you'd like to know about the new Apple Watch bands? Let us know what your questions are in the comments and we'll fill you in.