Apple will live stream WWDC 2014 keynote, promises 'exciting announcements'

Next Monday, June 2nd, will see Tim Cook and Apple's executive team take the keynote stage for WWDC 2014, and those of us that aren't able to make it out to San Francisco will still be able to watch it live online. Apple today announced that the keynote will be streamed live on their website, and is promising "exciting announcements". What specifically, Apple as usual is coy and not dropping any hints. Of course, iMore will be there live and in person to bring you all the latest.

Of course, there are many things we can be looking forward to. There's iOS 8 with a rumored home automation system, and a redesigned OS X 10.10 'Syrah'.

With a live stream to bring the latest from WWDC 2014 right to you, what are you most looking forward to?

Source: Apple

Derek Kessler

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