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Apple wins right to Android development information in Motorola patent case

A U.S. judge in Chicago has just ruled that information about Google's acquisition of Motorola is a key part of Apple's claims against Motorola in their ongoing patent disputes and legal battles. The ruling means that Apple will get some key information about the development of Android, and potentially find other cases of infringement there. As you might expect, Motorola isn't thrilled about this, and claims “Google’s employees and documents are not within the ‘possession, custody, or control’ of Motorola, and Motorola cannot force Google to produce documents or witnesses over Google’s objections.”

It's a little funny that Google acquired Motorola as a patent safety net, and now it's actually proving to be more of a liability. There's been some contention as to whether or not Google should be involved in Motorola lawsuits at all, since the acquisition is still in-progress. Of course, if Motorola can stand its ground against Apple in this case, it could set a strong defensive precedent for Android as a whole against future lawsuits. Details are skimpy on exactly how much access Apple will have to Google and Motorola's files; what are the odds that seeing them will provide Apple with any significant competitive advantage outside the court?

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  • Innovation through litigation. I love this country.
  • Android is a stolen product. I'd rather innovation through litigation than innovation through theft.
  • Just like the Mac. Stolen.
  • Android started development 2 years before iOS. yeahh...... Not to mention EVERYTHING Apple has ever done they have stolen. The kicker is, Apple admits it.
  • wow americans are so stupid. I'm glad that you guys are running less of the world now. They are both your companies. Both of which make the US lots of money! Btw, Apple made personal computing available for everyone, get your facts straight. They even made a movie about it so you don't have to read!! F-ing ignorant pieces of crap degrade society so badly there's really no hope
  • Apple STOLE that btw. dumb ass eurocunt.
  • Ooohh... You're going to get banned.
    Shame you didn't make a logical point only insults.
  • Oh & uhhhh...
    Hate to break it to you, but Apple didn't bring computing to the masses. That was Microsoft. Deal with it.
  • Wow!! The Fanboys are alive and well here. That was a general statement to both companies and all the tech companies is a whole. I own and use both a Nexus S 4G and an iPhone 4S. Currently using the iPhone. I am nuetral in this whole patent thing. But I am getting tired of the crying from all the patent BS. Everything from looks and appearance to slide to unlock. To me, it was flawless checking my notifications coming from Android since Apple adopted the swipe down notifications. I think it's pretty fair to say they both like to borrow from each other. And it is also fair to say that the whole patent system is not set up or has prepared itself for the tech advances that have been seen in the recent years.
    I am new to this community (iMore), but not to the Mobile Nations eco-system. But the automatic assumption that I am a troll by the immediate response is not a good introduction to this popular iOS website.
  • Google doesn't own the patent for the notification system on Android. Suggesting Google invented notifications is ridiculous. Furthermore, similar implementations to the iOS Notification Center were available on Cydia, so if you are going to accuse Apple of copying anyone it would be the developers of those jailbreak notification systems.
  • I never said anyone owned any patents. Furthermore I also said that both platforms have borrowed from each other. That sounds unbiased to me. I am not new to iOS. I am just new to the iPhone. I have been jailbreaking since the first gen iPod Touch when it was more complex then just click and let the program do everything. I am fully aware of what Cydia is. Just because something is available on Cydia doesn't mean Apple has any ownership of it. You are talking to me like I am a hater, yet I choose my iPhone over my Android phone except for when I need to complete certain tasks. Sorry for an honest and unbiased comment.
  • Thanks god first ever men were Adam and Eve and not somebody from Apple. Can you imagine millions of claims these days? "Look, 'your' baby has two eyes and one mouth, but this is our patent..."
  • just, wow.
  • Best reply yet hahaha
    On a related note...
    Just say no! No you aren't going to force us a company to get access to another through a back door tactic. Apple had a history with this. Using Xerox & open source development then claiming it's their invention.
    It's like drugs. Just say no Moto. Let the judge enforce his/her ruling. If they can.
  • This will be overthrown. For the obvious reason that motorola doesn't own, control or otherwise have anything to do with android development. Apple is retarded.
  • Appeal and have a trial. Poor desperate Apple - what a bad way to use your 32.98 billion. Android will over take either way. Apple need to realize you cannot stiffle other competitors, parts of the government use Android, even the NSA has its version of Android so Android is here to STAY!
  • Apple has closer to $100 billion. They're neither poor nor desperate.
  • Android is here to stay because you can't beat the You get what you pay for, that's why I choose Apple.
  • apple just upset that people are taking from them like they did to the rest of us in the beginning, talk about sore looser.
  • Hello, really enjoyed this post! Well written. Will come back.
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