Apple and IBM partnership bears fruit, AppleCare for Enterprise introduced

Apple and IBM anounced a partnership earlier this year, and it looks like the alliance is now starting to bear fruit. Apple recently launched an AppleCare for Enterprise website, which looks to be an AppleCare program specifically geared toward IBM's customers.

AppleCare for Enterprise promises IT department-level support with a turn around time of just one-hour for all urgent matters. Support will be provided over phone or email for all Apple hardware and software, as well as providing support for IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps.

Additionally, Enterprise teams will each have the support of their own AppleCare Account Manager, what Apple describes as "your personal liaison with AppleCare."

To top things off, IBM's Global Technology Services will provide on-site hardware support to AppleCare for Enterprise customers go with the option.

Source: Apple

Dan Thorp-Lancaster