AppleCare+ registration reportedly getting easier for international iPhone and iPad buyers

According to a new report, transferring AppleCare+ protection is about to become simpler for customers who buy an iPhone or iPad in one country, then take it back to their home country. The process is reportedly becoming standardized, with registration automatically transferring to a buyer's home country upon return.

The report comes from 9to5Mac, citing an internal video to retail employees:

In the video, Bunch and an associate in charge of AppleCare+ say that the service will now become simpler to add for international customers. For example, if a Hong Kong resident travels to the United States, purchases an iPhone or iPad, and adds AppleCare+ to their purchase, their new device will become automatically registered with AppleCare+ in their home country.

The report adds that transferring AppleCare+ protection to European countries will remain manual, as government restrictions prevent it from being automated.

Finally, Apple is reportedly planning to expand coverage to Spain, Brazil, and Turkey, although no timeline was given.

Source: 9to5Mac

Dan Thorp-Lancaster