What you need to know

  • Apple's appeal of the European Commission's $14.4 billion fine is finally being heard.
  • The European Union General Court will hear Apple's arguement over two days on September 17-18.
  • Apple hopes to overturn the hefty fine.

The appeal Apple filed against the European Commission's order for it to pay $14.4 billion in unpaid taxes to Ireland is finally making its way to court. According to Bloomberg, the appeal will be heard in the European Union General Court over two days on September 17-18.

This marks the latest step in this ongoing saga that first began in August 2016. The European Commission has been trying to curve sizable tax deals for big companies. It set its sights on Apple, first ordering Ireland to recoup some of the money and eventually slapping the iPhone maker with the record $14.4 billion fine.

Last year, the U.S. sought to make a case on behalf of Apple but was rebuffed by the European Commissioin.

Apple and the Irish government both disagree with the ruling and have filed appeals. Apple's appeal will finally be heard when the company will have two days to make its case.

Even though the General Court may hear the arguments, it may not come to a decision for a while. Last year it heard arguments from Fiat Chrysler and Starbucks against similar fines, and it has yet to rule on their cases. It may be a while before Apple puts this ordeal behind it.