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Apple's Campus 2 is being built from the remains of a former HP campus, literally

Apple's enormous Campus 2 building site in Cupertino, CA, has been pretty much off limits since construction began (excepting hard-to-restrict aerial photography), but San Francisco public radio station KQED got a quick on-the-ground tour of the site which, well, it's very much a construction site right now. Lots of concrete and steel and whatnot, just arranged in the ring of the Apple Campus 2 design instead of more traditional right-angled structures.

The new complex is being built on a former HP campus site. Said KQED's Amy Standen:

"What Apple inherited on the property was several older buildings, all of which were broken down and deconstructed. Much of the material from those old buildings was recycled into new building material to make the new campus, according to Apple."

Apparently 95% of the debris from the old buildings is being recycled and will be reincorporated into the new structures. The prodigious use of on-site recycled materials means that Apple's reduced the impact of the construction on the surrounding community — nowhere near as many concrete trucks have been rumbling through Cuptertino to pour the building's enormous foundation and subterranean parking structure, for example.

Source: KQED

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  • wow.. interesting factoid.. never even thought about where the old stuff went.. lol
  • The vast majority of concrete, steel, and asphalt debris in the United States these days is recycled. Cheaper than trying to make new.
  • Impressive. 95% of the old HP buildings is used in the new construction. The recycling of old materials isn't new though, but the fact that almost 100% of the materials from an existing building were recycled is impressive. Does anyone recall what the LEED rating on the Apple campus was? If there even was a rating.
  • wow! Apple has pioneered another effort in re purposing materials! Hope other companies take note!
  • How is that Apple pioneering? This is not the first time a building has been made from recycled .materials from another building.
  • It would have been a better story if they used old HP computers to build the headquarters. Goodness knows that there a lot of them out there that could be more productive as a building for Apple than a PC for users.
  • So is this the building that's gonna float ?? Sent from the iMore App