Apple's Denise Young Smith talks progress in diverse hiring

Apple logo at Moscone
Apple logo at Moscone (Image credit: iMore)

Speaking at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conference, Apple VP of Worldwide Human Resources Denise Young Smith spoke at length on the topic of diversity in tech, in particular touching on Apple's progress in diverse hiring. Smith notes that the company's next diversity report will be released at some point this summer, and will demonstrate some progress from Apple in hiring women and minorities.

From Fortune:

"We did have some movement in our hiring or women and hiring of minorities," said Young Smith, noting that about 35% of Apple's recent recruits are women. The upcoming report, which Young Smith claims will have "more transparency" than its report last year, will show an uptick in hiring African-American and Hispanic recruits as well.

Diversity in race and gender in hiring practices has long been an issue, both in technology and in the wider professional world. Following the publication of last year's diversity report, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted the company's commitment to making progress in this area. Almost a year later, it's nice to see that they have made some improvements, though there is still a long way to go.

Source: Fortune

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