One day before Apple results, analysts try and peg iBooks textbook sales at 350,000 in 3 days

Never ones to wait on official Apple numbers, which could be coming as soon as Apple's Q1 2012 results call tomorrow, analysts are already trying to peg Apple's foray into the digital textbook market at 350,000 education-centric iBooks in the first 3 days. AllThingsD quotes reports:

According to Global Equities Research, the supply chain markup on textbooks ranges between 33 percent and 35 percent. So there are savings to be had in cutting out that publisher-to-distributor-to-wholesaler-to-retailer process.

Global Equities Research, apparently, won't discuss how they get those numbers, but we're fairly certain they're not sitting on the server pipe counting pulses of light. So wei

Likewise, iBooks Author, a tool used to create eBooks for the iPad, reportedly sold through 90,000 downloads from the Mac App Store during the same period. This indicates Apple has picked up on the interests of both eBook creators and consumers alike.

Leanna, a math teacher, speculates that this is only the beginning for Apple in the education textbook market, and these initial numbers seem to lend credence to that idea.

Source: AllThingsD

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