Apple's iconic Regent Street store in London is set to receive a makeover

Apple is set to overhaul the company's iconic store located on Regent Street, London. According to Evening Standard, Apple described the store as "tired and outdated" in proposed plans to have Foster & Partners, the same architects responsible for the London "Gherkin" skyscraper, revamp the interior.

Jony Ive – who had a hand in designing the recently opened Apple Store in Brussels, Belgium – will also be brought in to redesign the store, which will include the removal of the large Apple logos at the front of the building, as well as removing the glass staircase. Unfortunately, details are rather scarce on exactly how Apple will change the store, and there are no illustrations to analyze.

The company has secured permission to run operations in the basement of the store for up to three years.

Source: Evening Standard, via: Business Insider

Rich Edmonds