What you need to know

  • Apple is teasing the reopening of its Fifth Avenue store.
  • At the location is a giant iridescent glass cube.
  • The 24/7 store features the tagline: "Always Open to Open Minds."

One of Apple's most famed retail stores will soon reopen after closing for renovations nearly three years ago.

A large, iridescent glass cube standing 32 feet high has been unveiled at the Fifth Avenue location in New York City, with a sign teasing the store's imminent opening.

Beneath the surface of Fifth Avenue, you'll soon discover a reimagined space where creativity is always welcome. A 24-hour store with doors open to the bright lights and big dreams of this city, ready to inspire what you can do, discover, and make next.

Apple previously dismantled the cube as it begun renovations back in 2017. The subterranean location is said to feature double the space of its predecessor, with a floor-to-ceiling Today at Apple video wall and community Forum, 9to5Mac said.

Cantilevered steps replace the former glass staircase, winding upward to the iconic cube entryway. Outside, the plaza surrounding the store has been resurfaced and is now dotted by a grid of circular skylights allowing natural light to flow into the store below.

Since Apple's iconic Fifth Avenue was shut down for renovations, Apple has erected a temporary location next door. Once the Fifth Avenue store is reopened, the temporary spot is expected to close.

With Apple expected to unveil several new products at its September 10 event, perhaps the store's opening will coincide with whatever is released later this month. After all, what better way to attract people to the Fifth Avenue store than with a shiny new iPhone?