Apple's limits on ad tracking and what they mean for us

Apple has recently taken steps to stop developers tracking users via unique device identifies (UDID), and in the place provided new Advertising ID (AID) and Identifiers for Vendors (IDFV), and a way to limit their ability to track us. But... what does that all mean? Our own Nick Arnott wrote up an excellent overview for his day job, Double Encore:

Apple’s move away from UDIDs is a good thing. The trouble so far is that a lot of people seem confused about what exactly it means for users. Apple has been gradually distancing developers from using UDIDs and pushing them toward a solution that is more privacy friendly. In the meantime, it’s important for users to understand that turning on “Limit Ad Tracking” may only have a minimal impact for now and is in no way a guarantee that advertisers won’t be tracking them.

Nick, as always, delves into the details but explains them in a way that makes sense to organic lifeforms. Go read it, then let us know -- how concerned are you about ad tracking?

Source: Double Encore