That's right ladies and gentlemen, the above image is a SIM ejector tool that was first included with the iPhone 3G and later with the iPhone 3GS and according to Cult of Mac it is indeed made out of Liquidmetal. Yes, this is the exact same Liquidmetal that Apple recently licensed the intellectual property of just last week. And in case you were wondering exactly what is Liquidmetal - it's a very hard metal alloy, basically unbendable, and has a distinctive color and feel.

Cult of Mac spoke to the co-inventor of this new metal alloy, Atakan Peker, and he noticed Apple was using his metal the moment he opened up his iPhone 3G.


blockquote>“That’s my metal,” he said. “I recognized it immediately. Take it from an expert, that’s Liquidmetal.”

Cult of Mac wanted to be 100% sure about this so they went ahead and independently verified that Apple did in fact use Liquidmetal that was sourced from Liquidmetal Technologies. The length of time Apple sourced Liquidmetal for SIM ejector pins is unknown as the SIM ejector tools that shipped with European iPhones were made from regular steel that can be bent with ease. If you purchased a iPhone 4 and wondering where you Liquidmetal SIM ejector tool is, Apple did not one include one this time around.

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