Apple's massive data center about to open, could double in size

The new Apple data center located in Maiden, North Carolina, is expected to begin its operations “any day now” according to local officials. Amidst Apple getting ready to begin production inside the massive 500,000 sq. ft. data center, rumors have been milling around the internet stating that Apple plans on doubling the size of its already massive data center.

A local realtor, Bill Wagenseller, posted an aerial video of Apple’s facility had these comments to share:

Though there has been no official announcement, I discovered that site work is being performed and it clearly appears that there may be some truth to the speculation.

This new data center is what many are saying will be the heart of Apple’s  new cloud-based services which will allow users to store files such as their iTunes libraries on Apples servers as to stream them to all their devices.

Are you excited about possibly getting to utilize the cloud soon to store your files or does the cloud experience have you nervous about leaving all of your files in the hands of Apple and their servers?

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