Apple's new employee cafeteria is nicer than any cafeteria you've ever been in

Between the glass, concrete, steel, wood, and trees, what we have here might be the nicest cafeteria on the planet. It's no surprise that it comes from Apple, purveyor of fine modern architecture and a few electronic gizmos. Apple's new cafeteria in Cupertino, not far from their existing Infinite Loop campus, is a massive space that would be instantly recognizable as an Apple structure.

The lobby space of the new Caffè Macs

Whereas most Apple retail spaces are more or less mixes of steel, glass, and occasionally some concrete or stone, this cafeteria trades in the stainless steel panels for long strips of wood. It makes for an open and inviting space, as does the presence of several trees inside and out. Thanks to the expansive glass façade, it's practically nature with a roof. And doors. And Apple Store tables with here-to-fore unseen Apple Store benches.

Apple employees dining at Caffè Macs

Apple's new Caffè Macs is a giant Apple Store, but for eating.

Source: paulomshah (Instagram), @brysonshellito (Twitter); Via: 9to5Mac

Derek Kessler

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