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Apple's new employee cafeteria is nicer than any cafeteria you've ever been in

Between the glass, concrete, steel, wood, and trees, what we have here might be the nicest cafeteria on the planet. It's no surprise that it comes from Apple, purveyor of fine modern architecture and a few electronic gizmos. Apple's new cafeteria in Cupertino, not far from their existing Infinite Loop campus, is a massive space that would be instantly recognizable as an Apple structure.

The lobby space of the new Caffè Macs

Whereas most Apple retail spaces are more or less mixes of steel, glass, and occasionally some concrete or stone, this cafeteria trades in the stainless steel panels for long strips of wood. It makes for an open and inviting space, as does the presence of several trees inside and out. Thanks to the expansive glass façade, it's practically nature with a roof. And doors. And Apple Store tables with here-to-fore unseen Apple Store benches.

Apple employees dining at Caffè Macs

Apple's new Caffè Macs is a giant Apple Store, but for eating.

Source: paulomshah (Instagram), @brysonshellito (Twitter); Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Who cares...smh Posted via the Android iMore App on my Nexus 5!
  • The people that work there:) Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • If only they cared as much about the products' user experience. Give me working maps, for starters. Give me proper localization. Give me iTunes-for-PC which I can understand. Give me Siri in something other than 5 languages. Give me a native way to upload and share content online, so I need not resort to Microsoft or Dropbox for everything. When the product works, go and get yourself a nice cup of coffee. Apple today is like the Roman empire at its hey day -- before the death spiral. Big. Bold. Rich. Invincible. And so everyone is doing everything except that which matters -- like, you know, drinking coffee. Everything else is important except the customer and the products -- like, you know, fancy architecture for the sake of fancy architecture. And what comes to innovation, well, that is quite unnecessary if you are big enough. Who needs this elusive 'new' anyway when the old stuff still sells OK and is so much easier to regurgitate? And copying nimbler and more innovative competitors has always worked so well for established players anyhow. Or, wait... Where is Steve Jobs when he is needed? It will be interesting to see this golliath go down. It already started in 2012 and is accelerating.
  • I'm assuming you didn't pay attention to any announcements from WWDC 2014.
  • Yah, but more like just not paying attention, period. Will be interesting to watch him eat his that cool cafeteria, hopefully!
  • Tell us how you really feel. Posted from my TARDIS!
  • They look like re-purposed apple store tables. Still, better than what I have which is my desk and whatever I decide to bring in.
  • Whatever Sent from the iMore App
  • Cool, but what matters is the quality of the food they are serving.
  • Looks pretty awesome. Man those lucky developers!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Must pretty fun working as an engineer / developer for Apple!! Nice working / eating spaces :-) Sent from the iMore App
  • Nice room. Those styrofoam food containers will be here long after that building turns to dust.